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The Very New Collection

The Very New Collection Farah Barakat being the founder and creator of Farah Jewellery is now, clearly on the way to establishing an internationally renowned signature. The intelligent work and effort put in by Farah as a young Arab designer who is only content with the very best has made the crucial difference to many VIP customers.
The name of the collection was derived from the idea that Babylon or Babylonia has a very rich historical background. It was one of the most important cities of ancient Middle East and was known as the "Epic of Creation" the world's legendary Hanging Gardens were created during this era. By choosing this name gives a very strong sense of personal satisfaction to her culture and heritage.
Farah has devoted her talents, her whole heart and soul to creating beautiful pieces of wearable art. The materials used to bring these visions to life are only the finest, most gleaming pieces of 18k yellow and white gold complimented by exceptional touches of diamonds, sapphires and carefully crafted enamel that are all cut and matched to perfection, all worked by the skilled hands of craftsman that Farah herself has chosen.

"Eyes of Babylon" by Farah Jewellery is very proud to be a part of the Dubai International Jewellery Week that is being held in Dubai World Trade Centre on the 7th – 10th October.

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