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Gold jewellery UAE

Gold jewellery UAE Gold UAE Jewellery from Farah is offering a beautiful collection of the most stunning gold from the heart of Dubai. The gold jewellery collection is designed with Italian and Arabic touch at it’s highest quality. Farah Jewellery offers you 18-karat gold jewellery UAE in any color of your choice. Gold rings, gold earrings, pendants and other items are made of different colored gold (white gold, yellow gold, classical red gold and pink gold). The gold jewellery UAE is mostly encrusted with gems and semiprecious stones: diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, topazes, garnets and others. In our collections we also have wedding jewellery UAE with no encrustations, for example classical wedding rings, gold chains and bracelets.
Gold jewellery UAE is often considered the best present, dreamed of both by women and by men. One of the advantages of jewellery, gold and other precious metals is that they can be all occasion gifts as well as just a way to show your affection to your beloved. Besides, if you give exquisite and unique gold jewellery from our boutique as a present to your business partner or client, you can assure of a long-term and effective cooperation.