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Gemstones UAE

Gemstones UAE When used as accessories, gemstones UAE make our life brighter and more colourful thanks to their unusual glitter, radiance and shades, as well as their fascinating play of colour.
Farah dubai jewellery collection is enriched with high-end jewels using gold in different colors, top quality diamonds, precious and semiprecious gemstones UAE. Each and every piece is driven by passion and imagination, each idea plays with the magic of color and the freedom of form. There are no restrictions on creativity.
Being also a GIA certified in diamonds & gemstones UAE Farah Barakat had the courage to begin ongoing experiment with lights, colors and shapes.
Visit our jewellery boutique and enjoy all these beauties, and then invite your loved ones into this fairytale of gold created by the best goldsmiths of the United Arab Emirates and Italy.
In addition, you can check the World of Gemstones section in our website and find out which stone talisman you should choose according to your date of birth and what features you can expect from it.
Gemstones UAE are all around us, and their glitter can’t help cheering up even the gloomiest person!