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Aquatoria of Luxury Life

Aquatoria of Luxury Life SHE IS YOUNG, GIFTED AND BEAUTIFUL. But it’s not all that makes Farah Barakat stand out from the crowd. At the tender age when most girls are just dreaming, she is the driving force behind her own brand Farah Jewellery, enjoying the successful entry into the vibrant jewellery market. And here she comes, talking about what she loves the most.

“I grew up surrounded by art and craft in the family with rich gold smith history. My grandfather and my father were among first jewelers in the UAE. They founded in-house jewellery production facility that now is located at Jebel Ali Free Zone, and my family owned several retail shops in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. More than 40 years of gold smith background, we have from the time of my grand-grandfather, made me believe that I was destined to carry on our tradition and to add more to it. . That's why I decided to go Italy and get not only designer's skills but also GIA diploma and gemologist degree.

"In Farah Jewellery we are manufacturing high-end jewellery using gold in several different colors, top quality diamonds, precious and semiprecious gems. We have our unique manner of selecting, designing, crafting and presenting the unique pieces. Each of our pieces, from the classic to the contemporary, starts from an idea, passes several stages, changes and finally implement into small masterpiece. I feel myself responsible for creating customized jewellery that can satisfy any need and implement dreams into the beautiful creation".

“Our main customers are both young women and women in their thirties. Those young prefer modern style while having desire and courage to carry all attention they attract. The same credit goes to the more sophisticated woman with the true taste and feminine appeal. We recently started working on men line too, trying to extend our opportunities and attract men to the beauty of gold-work. It made us explore the world of technology, sports, mobile phones and gadgets. Therefore, we commenced exclusive limited production of high-end customized accessories such as cell phones, car keys, buttons, and cufflinks. And we are proud to collaborate with world's most prestigious cell phone producers. . In all cases our customers appreciate the beauty we create and heart our quality and audacious designs".

"First Farah Jewellery Boutique is opened recently in the Gold Souq of famous The Dubai Mall. This is the great place to get in touch with our respectful costumers directly. I need to see the jewellery I created and
get "on-the-spot" feedback from clients. It motivates me, giving challenges, new ideas and inspiration to create better pieces that would be appreciated".

'As a designer creating my own identity, I know it may take years for people to accept and appreciate my work. But I am willing to achieve my goal because I work with tremendous passion and love on whatever I do: I dream to be not the one who imitates nobody, but the one whom nobody can imitate!"

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